Infrared Sauna now available

Sauna 1We are pleased to inform you that INFRARED SAUNA is now available at Northview Health. Our sauna, SaunaRay, works by using Infrared rays to heat versus steam, which is used in conventional saunas. This makes for a more comfortable sauna experience as it allows you achieve better results at a lower temperature. While other saunas are generally run around 150-175F, this sauna reaches a maximum heat of about 130F.

Research has shown many benefits to Infrared Saunas:
• Detoxification
• Chronic Pain
• Arthritis related joint pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Weight Loss

Do not use sauna if:
• Pregnant
• Breast feeding
• Lymphedema
• Check with a doctor if you are in poor health, or under medical care.

For further information, please call the clinic at (604) 986-3771. Package rates are available.

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