How many of you have Foot Pain?

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Do you have any of the following Symptoms?

– Foot pain with standing or walking
– Foot or ankle pain with running
– Knee pain
– Bunions/calluses/corns
– Uneven shoe wear out
– Chronic hip and low back pain
– Tingling or numbness in the arches of your feet
– Feet fatigue
– Pain in foot arches
– Achilles Tendonitis

Our feet are our foundation. The average person walks approximately 4 miles per day which is equivalent to approximately 8,000 -10,000 steps per day! Your feet support the weight of everything above them. Research shows that approximately 75% of the population will experience foot pain during their life time. Dependant on the cause of foot pain (plantar fasciitis, pronation syndrome, arthritis, in-correct joint mechanics), various forms of treatment are available: stretching, strengthening, ice/heat therapy, anti-inflammatory and custom made orthotics.

Ideally, our feet should not roll in or outward when walking/running. When our feet move in way it was not designed to, the wrong muscles work too hard and the right muscles are not working enough. For example, some feet roll too far inside, a condition called Pronation. When this occurs, the arch collapses the foot/knee and hip roll in. Thus causing possible knee, hip and low back pain. Unless we correct this, cumulative years of stress on these joints can lead to chronic pain, arthritis and compromised quality of life.

Custom Made Orthotics are designed to prevent incorrect foot motion (ie prevent foot from rolling in wards or outwards) and support foot arches.

Assessment and Evaluation
You can visit your local Chiropractor or Podiatrist to have your feet evaluated to determine the need for a custom made orthotic. It is highly recommended to have a full evaluation of the feet and spine as they one effects the other, positively and negatively. Orthotics come in various sizes/styles/shapes all designed to help correct misalignments. This allows you to still enjoy all the activities you love without constant foot pain.

A typical assessment would include:

– History
– Gait analysis (possibly a gait scan)
– Weight bearing (standing) and non weight bearing (seated)examination
– Foam casting
– Discussion on best suited orthotic for your condition (each orthotic is custom made to that individual)

Next Steps

If you answered “yes” to any of the symptoms above, call our clinic TODAY and book yourself in for an Orthotic Assessment.

Please note that most extended health care benefit plans do cover costs associated with Custom Made Orthotics. Please ensure to read the fine print and check if they require a referral from a Medical Doctor. Insurance forms/information is provided at time of orthotic pick up for your extended health care provider. Please call the Clinic today for more information.

Happy Feet = Active Living