Happy  New Year!  I hope that 2016 is a year filled with peace, laughter, adventures, good health and prosperity 🙂

I  love the new year.. (actually I also think of September as a new time to renew and review goals etc)… its a great time to de-clutter both your homes and mind.  Its a time to reflect and decide what is important to you and make it happen.  I always do new year goals and they centre around Health, Family, Professional and Personal Achievements and travel!

One of my goals  this year is to keep a DAILY gratitude journal. I feel extremely blessed… I have an amazingly supportive family, great quality friendships and  I love that I can help people achieve their goals daily.

I am so fortunate to live in Canada.  I hope this year I can do more to help our global brothers and sisters live in peace and find the opportunity that awaits them.

Look forward to interacting with you all in 2016!

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