Boost Your Immune System & Prevent Colds/Flu

Most people know that acupuncture is effective to relieve pain. However, what most people don’t realize is that acupuncture or acupressure (finger pressure) and Chinese Medicine is a holistic healing approach and excellent for the following:

* To boost the immune system naturally and therefore prevent common cold & flu and keep you healthy
* To relieve stress, anxiety &/or depression
* To promote relaxation & a sense of wellbeing

All of which can improve every aspect of your life!


Initial assessment & visit: $90.
Follow-up acupuncture session: $75.
Package of 5 acupuncture sessions $350.*
Package of 10 acupuncture sessions $675.*
*package of 5 for new clients: $360.- includes initial assessment & visit.
*package of 10 for new clients: $685.-includes initial assessment & visit.

Disclaimer: Please note that acupuncture packages must be paid in full at the time or purchase. There are no refunds on packages. Receipts will be provided after each individual session. Rates are based on standard 45 minute sessions. Expended visit packages available upon request. Package rates do not apply for Facial Acupuncture.

Call (604) 986- 3771 for more info or to book a session with Dr. Silvia